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About Rich and Lotus

When going to college in 1970 I was driving my Triumph TR6 which I thought was quickly on a twisty road one night. I looked in the rear view mirror to see a pair of headlights with little white running lights  below them approaching very quickly. In a flash this little sports car came up to my rear bumper, swung to the left and whipped by me so quickly I was astonished to say the least! As I arrived at the end of this road 10 miles later, there in a gas station was that car with it's bonnet up and steam coming out. I had to find out what it was and as I learned, it was a Lotus Elan. The coolest and fastest car I had ever seen. A few months later a friend of mine bought an S4 Elan. One night we were out in it and my friend had had a little too much to drink. He was smart enough to ask that I drive us home. That drive along with the memory of the rapid Elan I had encountered months before convinced me that I had to have an Elan. I spent years looking for the right one and finally found a new 1972 Sprint. Having that car and finding out that the local Lotus dealer did not really know much about working on Lotus sent me into analysing Lotus and so repairing them myself.


Fast forward 40 years and I am still enamored by these timeless and beautiful cars. I have learned over the years what the few weak points are and how to make them reliable and perform well. Having been involved, addicted really, for all these years, I also know what they looked like originally and like to keep them as close to that as practicable.

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